The project will provide (122) housing units and a modern design that keeps pace with global urban progress, followed by Wael Al-Shuhoud, using modern construction methods and linking them to local materials with the diversity of special needs of Iraqi families, in terms of providing privacy for the interior space. The complex contains three residential units, type (A) with a building area of 320 m2 and an advanced 70 residential units, type (B) with a building area of 279 m2 to 50 residential units, and type (C) with a building area of 279 m2 and an additional green area of 142 m2. Nearby are 2 residential units.

In addition to residential homes, the complex contains a commercial center that meets all daily needs, and the complex is characterized by the presence of attractive sports activities in addition to children’s games. And what is necessary to ensure a secure and quiet life for all residents of the complex at all times by isolating the complex from neighboring parties and adding designated places for work and exit.

Providing the most important services daily, including water, electricity, and a washing machine, with a central gas system inside the homes. The company is committed to its responsibility to connect water and electricity lines to the complex, in addition to creating roads inside the complex to facilitate the process.

A house was created with high durability and quality by passing through high-precision fluidity of the materials used. For structural durability, bugle bricks were used to isolate light and microphone inside the building. Newton’s system of columns and bridges to prevent the impact of earthquakes.