One of the largest flour mills located in Sulaymaniyah.

Tasluja Flour Mill Company

The Tasluja Flour Mill Company is one of the largest flour mills located in Sulaymaniyah together with further two large flour mills, Pars in the city of Erbil and Betwata in the city of Rania.
Over the last few years we have been developing and refining our milling capabilities so that we can exert the maximum degree of control over these critical areas.
Our aim is always to unlock the full potential of a wheat and to produce a flour that performs naturally in a way that might only otherwise be achieved through the use of additives and improvers.
This allows the end user to achieve cleaner labels and secure significant reductions in recipe costs.
These well-flourishing flour mills produces over 450 tons/day, providing flour from local wheat to local markets. Our technical innovation has contributed hugely to our greater understanding of wheat.
Tasluja Flour Mill Co. and its sister companies are able to produce flours of unrivalled quality and consistency and are proud to sell to local markets and help the Iraqi economy thrive.