Imperial village is termed as “A new wave of living” is a Residential project. Imperial Village is constructing in sulaymaniah, Started in early 2023. Imperial Village is projected by Nawar company. Map design by Vogue archetict . We believe that it will be the biggest project of the decade in sulaymaniah. The Area is 1204436 square meter. It consists of two type of Residence: One is Villa and One is Apartment. The Villas are two types: Type 02 450m and it’s 142 villas Type 01 300m and it’s 580 villas. The Apartments are two types : type 01 16 Buildings 6 Floors each. Type 02 22 Buildings 7 Floor each total 2220 Apartments.

Villa Type A 300m 578 Villas

Land area: 300M2 + Extra Area 75M2
Open Area: 116.35M2
(ground floor) 183.65M2
First Construction Area 185.41M2
Roof Construction Area 166.86M2
Green Area 48.9M2
Total Construction Area (Ground + First + Roof ) 535.92M2

Villa Type B 450m 144 Villas

Land Area 450M2 + Extra area 112.5M2
Open Area 205.8M2
(Ground Floor)244.2M2
First Construction Area 240.95M2
Roof Construction Area 213.4M2
Green Area 67.5M2
Total Construction Area (Ground + First + Roof) 698.55M2