Our special location
The project is distinguished by its unique location in the heart of the city of Baghdad, which has always been rich in history, overlooking its Dijlah River and Baghdad University.
This location is considered the best choice for you because of its proximity to the most important areas of Baghdad, Al-Jadriya, Al-Krada, Al-Yarmouk, Al-Mansour, and Al-Saydiyah) and because of the project’s connection to an important main road such as the Al-Jadriya Bridge, the Airport Road, the Two-Floor Bridge, Al-Hilla Expressway, and Al-Doura Expressway, to connect you to all areas of Baghdad.
Fast and away from crowds.
All of this makes our project the most suitable choice
Your new residence gives you a wonderful opportunity
For investment

1 minute from Jadriya Bridge
4 minutes from Airport Road
6 minutes from Baghdad University
7 minutes for fast cycle
8 minutes from the Karrada area
10 minutes from Al Mansour